Submissions window closing…

As I blogged previously, the Black Library is one of those rare publishers that actually look to give new writers a break. I should know – they gave me one. Their submissions window for 2010 is almost closed now, so you’ve only got about three weeks left before those synopses and summaries have to be in. In my experience, a lot of BL readers also have an interest in writing – you just have to look at the fiction sections of any of the forums (like the Bolthole, for instance) – so it’s great that the opportunities exist. So for anyone still working away on their submissions – good luck, make sure you read the guidelines carefully, and send it in on time!

As for me, I’m still working on getting to the mid-point of my next novel. Making the shift to 40K is interesting. It feels like there’s so much more lore and background detail to get on top of than Fantasy. That’s probably an illusion – I’m just much more familiar with the WHFB setting – but exploring all the gothic goodness of the 41st millennium (or, to be more exact, the 32nd millennium) is a huge, endlessly fascinating experience. At some point in the future I’ll be blogging about the unique challenges of writing for Russ’s feral sons, but for now I’m just keeping my head down and doing it.

In other news, there’s a nice review of Sword of Justice here. Good to read some balanced, thoughtful appraisal – something that’s always useful for an author. The vibe on the forums for the book has been pretty cool so far too. As ever, I’m always up for getting feedback from readers on here, so if you’ve read it and have something to say (good or bad), comment away…

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