Warhammer Fantasy

I began my career with Black Library writing for Warhammer Fantasy, the predecessor to Age of Sigmar. Even though the world itself has ended (for now…) the stories themselves are still available as ebooks, and in some cases as reprints in the Warhammer Chronicles line.

The Empire

Most of my stories for Warhammer Fantasy were set in the Empire, the mouldering heart of the Old World, centring on some of the grizzled heroes of that embattled realm.

Sword-of-JusticeSword of Justice
Published 2010

The first of a duology featuring Ludwig Schwarzhelm and Kurt Helborg. This appeared in various omnibus editions over the years, but is currently ebook-only. Schwarzhelm also features in the separate short story, Feast of Horrors.

Sword-of-VengeanceSword of Vengeance
Published 2011

The sequel to Sword of Justice, following on directly from the events of that book. Again, currently only available as an ebook. Kurt Helborg also features in a short story, Duty and Honour.

luthor-hussLuthor Huss
Published 2012

Luthor Huss is an exploration of one of the most interesting of the Empire’s many warriors – a fanatic and a visionary. He also features in the short story March of Doom, which is collected in The Empire omnibus.


Iron Company
Published 2009

Iron Company was only my third novel, and starred Magnus Ironblood at the head of a band of Imperial Engineers. It was initially released as part of the Empire Armies range, and then re-released in The Empire omnibus.

Other stories

Aside from the human realms of the Old World, I also wrote about elves, dragons and dwarves, as well as helping to document the move from the Old World to the Mortal Realms.

The Fall of Altdorf-thumbThe Fall of Altdorf
Published 2015

The Fall of Altdorf was my contribution to the End Times series, documenting the destruction of the Old World by the forces of Chaos.

BLPROCESSED-Gates_of_AzyrThe Gates of Azyr
Published 2015
Ebook and audio

After the Old World, there was the Mortal Realms. This was the first ever Age of Sigmar novella, based on the early lore created for the new game.

master-of-dragonsMaster of Dragons
Published 2013

This was written as part of the War of Vengeance series, written with Nick Kyme and C. L. Werner. Originally we had hopes for 6-7 books, but the Old World’s demise curtailed things a little! As a result, this is the second book of what became a trilogy.

Older stories

These were my first steps into writing Warhammer, and some are now of dubious canonicity – included mostly for historical interest!

Published 2011

This novella was written as part of the Storm of Magic event in the Warhammer World, when the Winds of Magic blew stronger and powerful creatures stirred. It featured dragons, elves… and even stranger things.

dark-stormDark Storm Gathering
Published 2009

This story was written as a tie-in to the Warhammer Online video game, and differs slightly from the usual portrayal of the Old World.

Masters of Magic
Published 2008
Out of print

My first attempt to write a Warhammer novel, this story followed battling wizards during a greenskin invasion. Currently out of print. A short story featuring one of the characters, The Judgement of Crows, is also available.

Published 2007
Out of print

My very first published Warhammer short story, an entry into an open competition run by Black Library back in 2007.  This tale of High Elves in the Old World was available as part of the Invasion! anthology, but is currently out of print.

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