Warhammer Crime

Warhammer Crime is a standalone range of novels, all set in the same (huge) city on just one of the Imperium’s millions of worlds. It’s a chance to look at life and death away from the battlefield, far from the light of the Golden Throne, where life is cheap but mistakes are expensive…

Agusto Zidarov stories

The Agusto Zidarov books follow the eponymous hero, a probator (detective) in the city’s overstretched enforcer Bastion. Aside from chasing down Urgeyena district’s many criminals, he has his own secrets to keep.

Published 2020
Paperback, ebook and audio

An investigation into a missing member of a wealthy family leads Probator Zidarov into a web of lies and danger amidst the criminal cartels of Varangantua. Bloodlines was the very first Warhammer Crime title, and delves into the murky business of rejuvenat treatments.

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