Warhammer 40K

Blood of Asaheim

Blood of Asaheim

Published March 2013

After half a century apart, in service to the Deathwatch and the Chapter, Space Wolves Ingvar and Gunnlaugur are reunited. Sent to defend an important shrine world against the plague-ridden Death Guard, the Grey Hunters clash with the pious Sisters of Battle, who see the Space Wolves as little better than the enemy they fight. As enemies close in around them and treachery is revealed, Gunnlaugur and his warriors must hold the defenders together – even as hidden tensions threaten to tear the pack apart.


Blood of Asaheim is the best Space Wolf story I’ve read since [Dan] Abnett’s masterful Prospero Burns. […] Battle of the Fang, set a thousand years after the Heresy, explored (as a sub-plot) the consequences of their genetic degeneration in the absence of their primarch. Blood of Asaheim brings this undercurrent into the ‘present’ 40K universe in the context of a very moving and action packed tale that I honestly couldn’t put down. I was really surprised at the depth of emotion in this story. Combined with a fantastic cast and the aforementioned action, this book was a truly great read. […] Very highly recommended. Bookspot Central

Wrath of Iron

Published July 2012
Paperback | Ebook

After months spent in the service of the Chaos god Slaanesh, the ruling classes of the Contqual sub-sector have finally brought true damnation upon their people. It falls to the merciless Space Marines of the Iron Hands Chapter to cleanse these worlds of the warp’s unholy taint, and it is upon the surface of Shardenus that the fate of a billion lost souls will be decided.


Have you ever read something so good that you can taste it? […] Wrath of Iron is not a happy book, it’s not an easy read. It is however an excellent book and one that makes me wish for more from Chris Wraight. I picked up this book solely on the merit of Battle for the Fang but it is even better than its predecessor. From start to finish Wrath of Iron is outstanding. Lost on Fenris

Since I first came across Chris Wraight, his work has done more than enough to make me pick up and finish whatever he writes. It’s that simple. I finished Wrath of Iron, in a relatively short space of time, but there was plenty to make the experience worthwhile. Wraight not only has high standards but has no trouble in meeting them. […] Wraight shows us just how futile war can be but, at the same time, also shows us why the fight here must never stop until it is won. I’m hoping for Wraight to make a return to the world of Warhammer but, if he keeps writing books like this, I’ll keep reading his stuff. Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review

This novel really drives home the grim futility of life in the 40K universe. There are plenty of sharp little details (including a take on the Iron Hands’ most recognisable trait that’s worryingly plausible) and a couple of nice nods to the ‘Heresy’ series as well. Wraight’s writing hits the right balance in its description; never straying too far into by-the-numbers military sci-fi or ridiculous hyperbole, and when the novel delves more into horror territory it does so with a thoroughly nasty imagination. […] It’s great to see the Iron Hands done so well, even if they aren’t the most cheerful lads in the galaxy, and if you’re a fan of the Black Library in any way Wrath of Iron is an excellent read. British Fantasy Society

This novel pulls no punches. Should you buy it? If you want more grimdark in your 40k novels then Hell Yes you should buy this book, it’s loaded to the brim with grimdark. Fans of the Iron Hands will definitely want to get this book, it sets them leagues apart from other Chapters and shows not only how they view the world around them, but perhaps how deep down they really view themselves. The Founding Fields

This is 40k Fiction in its purest form. And no one escapes by the end, no one escapes unscathed, or unchanged as the case may be. If you are enjoying the Space Marine Battles Books as much as I am, you are definitely not going to want to miss this one! The Independent Characters

Battle of the Fang

Published June 2011
Paperback | Ebook

A desperate battle ensues as the skeleton forces of Wolf Lord Vaer Greyloc attempt to hold back the attacking hosts before the last of his meagre defences gives in. Though a single Scout ship survives to summon Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm back to Fenris, none of the defenders truly realise the full scale the horror that awaits them, nor what the Battle for the Fang will cost them all.


Battle of the Fang succeeds not only in its eloquent battle scenes, but also in its distrust of its far-from-perfect heroes. […] The end result is an oddly human tale of techno-gothic war in the 32nd millennium. 4/5 stars. SFX (August 2011)

This is the first novel in the Space Marine Battles series that I’ve read, and it really is great. Evocative, brutal, and brisk, it’s exactly what I was hoping for. […] I kept reading well into the night, Wraight’s prose relentlessly pulling me through the story, so invested had I become in the fate of his characters. The final clashes are also gripping (not to mention, a little heart-breaking). […] Highly recommended for fans of military sci-fi as a whole, and a must for fans of WH40k and Black Library fiction. Civilian Reader

The relentless nature of the fighting and enormity of the stakes stand clear of the page, and the final setpiece battle between Magnus and the Wolves is a no holds barred page turner! […] I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to 40k fans, and it is without doubt in the must-read category for any Space Wolf aficionado. Phillip Sobel on Boomtron

Its beautifully written, with the brutality of every inch of bloody ground ingraining its own memory upon the landscape. Add to this great author description, cracking prose and characters that the reader will care about and it’s going to be a hard one for the Wolves to not only swallow but will cause more than a few mournful howls from the commanders of their troops on the war game battle tables around the world. A real gem of an addition and perhaps my favourite Space Marine Battle title to date. Falcata Times

All in all I give this book a solid 9 out of 10. It’s one I will certainly be picking up again and again in the future and I look to seeing more from Chris Wraight. Certainly for me the definitive Space Wolf book and well worth the Black Library live ticket to read it early. Claws and Fists

Short Stories

Published March 2012
Ebook | Anthology ebook

The water-world of Lyses is under attack from terrifying undersea monsters. When Lone Wolf Aj Kvara of the Space Wolves Chapter arrives as part of his quest for restoration of his lost pack’s honour, Guard Commander Morren Oen sees a chance to rid himself of his scourge by joining forces. This short story is available as a standalone download or as part of the Sons of Russ anthology.

Published March 2013

As Inquisitor Damietta of the Ordo Malleus interrogates the survivor of a doomed attack on the daemon world of Voidsoul, she realises that a deeper mystery lies behind the events that occurred there. Defying her master’s commands, she delves into Sergeant Morbach’s account and discovers a shocking secret about the nature of the Space Wolves Chapter of the Space Marines.

Published March 2012
Ebook | Hammer & Bolter 7 | Anthology ebook

Deep in the bowels of a hive city, a band of fighters learn that sometimes your allies can be a bigger threat than your enemy – especially when those allies are the Iron Hands. This story is available as a standalone download, as part of issue seven of Hammer and Bolter, or the 25 for 25 anthology celebrating 25 years of Warhammer 40K.

Failure's RewardFailure’s Reward
Published December 2012

Successful aspirants to the Space Wolves go on to join the Chapter and forge great deeds in battle. But what of those who stumble on the way? One such Chapter serf carries out his duties while contemplating failure’s reward. This short story was published as part of the Advent series published on the BL website for Christmas 2012.

Published April 2011
Ebook | Anthology paperback | Anthology ebook

A secret hides on the acid-wreathed world of Gath Rimmon. When the Space Wolves attempt to retrieve it, they must face the bizarre and dangerous aliens who call the world home, the mysterious eldar and one of their own… This short story is available as a standalone download or as part of the Victories of the Space Marines anthology.

  1. Fawbish
    20 May, 2013 at 09:06

    Chris, (I would have gambled with a formal “Mr. Wraight” but that seemed a tad…stupid)

    Just wanted to thank you for a very enjoyable few hours over the past week. I took a calculated risk and paid for an E-book….on an iPhone (5 at least, so screen size wasnt that bad). Decided to grab Blood of Asaheim – I’d previously read Battle of the Fang so was certain I’d enjoy.

    And I really did. You’ve made the last week of work and travel a bit easier to manage as I lost myself in that world, mate.

    Just wanted to let you know. I look forward to more material from yourself. You’ve no doubt had this before and I dont expect a reply, but do you have any plans to show Ingvar in a Deathwatch novel? I have a sneaking suspicion it would be HORRENDOUSLY IMMENSE. However I also understand it may lose it’s gravitas, should we find out details.



    • Chris Wraight
      23 May, 2013 at 12:05

      Thanks Nath! Glad you enjoyed. I’d like to return to Ingvar and his Deathwatch days at some point, but we’ll have to see how things pan out. In the meantime, I’ve heard great things about Steve Parker’s Deathwatch novel – perhaps worth a look?

      Cheers for your comment 🙂

  2. 25 April, 2014 at 18:08

    Have you ever wondered what happened to the six hundred, or so Wolf Brothers, who’s geneseed did not mutate? I have a bit of an outline story for those remnants of the Wolf Brothers; Bjorn Ironskull’s Great Company: The Ice Wolves. I’d really like to tell the overview to a great wolves writer, like yourself.
    Also, I really loved Battle of the Fang, and Blood of Asahiem. Fantastic novels!!
    All the best.

    • Chris Wraight
      26 April, 2014 at 10:46

      Hi Gareth – thanks for the comments, and glad you enjoyed the books. I think there are plenty more stories to tell about the Wolf Brothers. Indeed, they exist in the background to provide opportunities to fashion Space Wolves-esque warbands that exist outside the main Chapter history. Are you coming to any of the BL events/signings this year? If so, come and say hi, and I’d be interested to hear about the Ice Wolves 🙂

  3. Marvin Espadon
    24 September, 2014 at 10:58

    Hi Chris,
    I was wondering what the next novel of the Jarnhamar saga is called and when will we see it released? I hope these are not the last Vlka Fenryka novells your will write…
    I liked Stormcaller a lot, Njal is a beast! You described him well! Keep up the good work!

    • Chris Wraight
      25 September, 2014 at 13:52

      Hi Marvin – Thanks for this, and glad you enjoyed Stormcaller 🙂 There is a third book planned, though I’ve got a few other projects ahead of it in the queue, so not sure when it’s slated for release at the moment. I’m guessing next year, though that might change!

      • CommanderHairGel
        2 November, 2016 at 16:15

        Hi Chris,
        I’d like to echo my kinsmen on this page and say that you are my favorite 30/40k writer even after being treated to a few Graham McNeil and ADB novels.

        We are a couple of years on now, is there perhaps a Third Book to follow Stormcaller on the horizon? I appreciate your more recent works have been rather unrelated, but we live in hope!

        I know things have been a but quieter here so if you don’t get around to replying fear not, you shall remain unchallenged as pack leader.

        • chriswraight
          12 November, 2016 at 17:18

          Hi Josh – thanks for the kind words, and glad you’ve been enjoying the books. I’ve had a few questions on the third Jarnhamar book here over the last few months, and I don’t have a better answer at the moment other than I’d like to do it, but there are other things ahead in the schedule right now, and some complications on fitting the narrative into the ‘current’ 40K storyline. If the way becomes clear then I’d love to finish the trilogy and give them all a conclusion worthy of a saga. We live in hope 🙂 In the meantime, I’ve been busy with Heresy stories, plus new material for 40K, including the long-held ambition of an Inquisition novel. So many stories, so little time…

  4. Chingiz
    27 January, 2015 at 18:27

    Hi, Chris.

    Your HH works are awesome, and “Battle of the Fang” is one of my 40k favourites. Thank you for all of these.
    Now I’m going to try your Space Wolves series, but somewhat confused in reading order. Would you kindly comment on this, and correct me?

    Wolf’s Claw HH
    Bjorn: Lone Wolf HH
    The Hunt for Magnus
    Battle of the Fang
    Failure’s Reward
    Blood of Asaheim
    Iron Priest
    Bjorn: The Fell-Handed
    Parting of the Ways

    Ehm… That’s pretty big list, sorry)

    • chriswraight
      12 November, 2016 at 17:03

      I’ve been very remiss on the blog over the past year or so, and have let a bunch of posts languish unreplied-to. First off, apologies for that. Second, that’s a great list you’ve got there, and one that reminds me just how much I’ve written over the years for BL. I’m going to have to go through the back catalogue and do some sorting to answer your questions properly, but basically things roughly divide into four groups:

      Horus Heresy (and related) stories (Wolf King, Wolf’s Claw, Leman Russ, Parting of the Ways);
      The Jarnhamar novels (Blood of Asaheim, Stormcaller, Onyx);
      War of the Fang (Battle of the Fang, the Hunt for Magnus);
      Everything else.

      From a quick look at your list, I think you’ve got most of that. If I spot any missing, I’ll try to post about it at a future date.

      Thanks a lot for your post, and sorry to take so long to get back to you!

  5. Gus Fox
    8 July, 2015 at 19:16

    Hi Chris,
    Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed both Blood of Asaheim and Stormcaller, would love too read more of Jarnhamar, I found both Olgier and Gunnlaugur very relatable to myself, I’m really looking forward to the next novel and any future Space Wolf novels that you have planned.
    P.S. do you have an idea of what the next Jarnhamar Novel will be called?

    • chriswraight
      12 November, 2016 at 17:07

      Another very belated reply to an ancient post. Just as with Chingiz, I’m really sorry to let things languish for so long! Thanks a lot for your post, which is really kind. I’m glad you enjoyed the first two books in the series, and, yes, as far as I’m concerned a third and final book is definitely on the slate. The slightly complication is the changing nature of the 40K background – since I started work on this series, and then ended up getting heavily involved in HH tales, things on Fenris have changed a bit, and it’s no longer a simple matter to weave everything together in the way I originally intended.

      I’m currently busy with other 40K projects, but hope very much to get back to Jarnhamar at some stage. For info, the working title for my synosis (which may well change) is The Fulcrum. 🙂

  6. mark avery
    6 August, 2015 at 23:47

    any ideas what the 3rd book will be called yet or when it will be released please?

    • chriswraight
      12 November, 2016 at 17:11

      Hi Mark – thanks for your post, and sorry to take so long to discover it! I should have paid much more attention to the blog over the last few years. Two answer your question, I’m not yet sure when the third SW book will get written/released, for reasons that I go over in another recent reply on here, but it’s still on the cards. I just need to find time, and work out how it slots into the new 40K reality. Of course, I’d very much like to do it if possible.

  7. Alex Stewart
    12 August, 2015 at 00:23

    Hi Chris
    I enjoyed Battle for the Fang immensely, the links from that to Blood of Asaheim are very well done, its nice as a reader not to be beaten over the head by the author so we notice the link. I really hope that GW realise the potential for a 40k end times, the primarchs returning etc, if they do i really hope you are given the job of writing the book or books for Leman Russ and the Vlka Fenryka. Again thank you for uniting the 30k idea of the Space Wolves and the 40k idea. I hope to see the 3rd book in the saga some time soon as would about 30 of my mates. Thanks again.

    • chriswraight
      12 November, 2016 at 17:15

      Alex – thanks for your message, and along with some others here, sorry for taking so long to reply. I’m really glad you enjoyed BotF, and the links to the later books. I recently had the chance to write more SW primarch material with Leman Russ in the Primarchs series, which does have some nods to the ’40K’ timeline, but you’re right – it would be fascinating to see at least some of the primarchs return to 40K, whether daemon or loyalist. As for the third Jarnhamar book, it’s not on the slate right now, but I do hope to find a way to finish the trilogy at some stage. Watch this space 🙂

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