Warhammer Fantasy


Luthor Huss

Published February 2012
Paperback | Ebook

Witch hunter Lukas Eichmann investigates a series of bizarre murders, which ultimately lead him into the haunted depths of the Empire at the head of an army of fanatical warriors. In the Drakwald Forest, Luthor Huss, warrior priest of Sigmar, battles to free the denizens of the forest from a plague of the walking dead. As their fates entwine, the two warriors confront a threat that will decide their future, while Huss must face a secret from his past if he is to survive and embrace his destiny as the Hammer of Sigmar.


Chris Wraight has done it again as far as I’m concerned. Luthor Huss has everything in it that made Sword of Justice and Sword of Vengeance such gripping and compelling reads. […] Whether it’s Rickard’s quest for redemption through fanaticism, Mila constantly testing her own boundaries or Huss himself; all bases are very much covered here. The result is a work that is at times very stirring as people push themselves to the absolute limit and will not back down. Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review

Luthor Huss is a very strong instalment to the Warhammer Heroes series, and quite possibly, one of the best yet. […] Wraight proves once again that he is fast becoming one of Black Library’s best fantasy authors with another unputdownable novel. Not to be missedFounding Fields

The prose is sharp, the action heavily packed into the pages and when you add an overall arc that gives the reader what they want, it’s a book that doesn’t hold back. Great fun all round and a great way to kick off the new year. Magical. Falcata Times

Sword of Vengeance

Published February 2011
Paperback | Ebook

Averland is aflame. Out in the wilderness is Kurt Helborg, Grand Marshal of the Reiksguard. Only he has the indomitable strength of will to hold together the province in its hour of need. Only he can rally the terrified citizens of Averland to resist the infernal powers that beset them.


Chris Wraight builds on a fantastic opening book and does it all over again here, rounding things off in fine style. Sword of Vengeance is another helping of intensive character study, vicious political infighting and fighting very much of the ‘dirty great broadswords and magic’ kind. Wraight really delves into the depths of these people and lends his fictional characters a real air of humanity that makes the story itself pack more of a punch. […] Sword of Vengeance is nothing less than a gripping read and I’m now left eagerly awaiting whatever’s next from this author. Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review

The second title in the Kurt Helborg series and just as complex as the original which demonstrates that the Black Library not only does great combat and bloody battlefields but also delves into the psychological long game that the Chaotic Powers are want to play in. Its definitely a great read and one that we had a lot of reading pleasure trying to figure out what was going to happen as the characters are played off against each other. Overall a magic offering and one that we loved to the last page. Falcata Times

Sword of Vengeance is a great book, and Chris Wraight is an excellent author. You get to see Daemons fight men; men fight Daemons and so forth. The description is fantastic as well; you really get a feel of the surroundings and the events happening, even though they are in a completely different world. The Sword of Vengeance is a fantastic read, and I am eagerly awaiting Chris Wraight’s next novel. Of Books and Wargames

Sword of Justice

Published July 2010
Paperback | Ebook

Fresh from the slaughter of the Emperor’s enemies, Ludwig Schwarzhelm, Emperor’s Champion, is sent to Averland to oversee the inauguration of a new elector count. Beset by greenskins, and hampered on all sides by the ambitions of rival magnates, he is soon fighting to keep the fractious province together.


The enormity and scope of [this] story really took my breath away. All in all I highly recommend this book to anyone with a taste for darker fantasy, whether a Warhammer fan or not. I really thought I couldn’t be surprised by fantasy books anymore. I was wrong. Philip Sobel on BSC Review

Sword of Justice starts out by showing just exactly what Ludwig Schwarzhelm is capable of on the battlefield and then goes on to ruthlessly expose this as a shortcoming away from the front line. The result is a compelling tale where the certainty of what is to come is constantly played off against the hope that Schwarzhelm’s strength at arms will help him to see what is truly happening before it is too late […] Sword of Justice is a glorious mix of blood and tears on the battlefield and in various corridors of power that has left me more than eager to see where events take the reader next. Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review

The novel starts out with a bang and really never lets up. […] The description of the empire from top to bottom is the best I’ve seen yet; especially the description of Altdorf and the other main cities. Brilliant! The descriptions throughout were really well done. From the thought blurbs, to scents, sights, all the senses were covered without seeming overworked or trite. […] Just…wow. Blew my doors off. I’m anxiously awaiting the next book in the series! Team Preston

The way Chris Wraight has depicted the strain of being placed in an unwanted position is phenomenal and with the twists and turns in the story you’ll be begging for more. I know I am, and looking forward to the next book to see what happens next. All in all this is probably one of the best books I have read in a very long time and will probably be read many more times in the future. Mass Movement Magazine

Iron Company

Published October 2009
Paperback | Ebook

Magnus Ironblood joins an Imperial force to try and bring down secessionist forces, and finds himself in a bloody battle against deadly foes.


I’ve fast become a big fan of Wraight’s writing, and this, his first Black Library novel, is a very worthy addition to the Empire army collection. It is a vividly told tale that I found thoroughly entertaining and that was, frankly, damn good fun to read. I love his descriptive prose, and I feel sure that he will very soon be joining the ranks of the fans’ favourite writers. BSC Review

The second novel in the Empire Army series and one that takes the Black Library into a separate direction as the tale of the Engineers gets there first outing in a story that will bring them to the fore rather than a support role. It will appeal to those who utilise the Empire Army and will perhaps bring a request by fans for the new weapon to make its way into standard warfare. If you want a tale where the principle player deals with emotional trauma as well as long seated doubts alongside finding his place in the world anew then this will really strike not only a chord but unleash the full metal at the gateway of the readers imagination. Falcata Times

Omnibus editions


Swords of the Emperor
Published September 2012

Rebellion consumes the province of Averland and civil war looms, while orcs threaten to sweep out of the mountains and devastate the land. Suspecting the taint of Chaos behind the uprising, the Emperor Karl Franz sends two of his greatest champions to defeat the greenskins, thwart the Dark Gods and restore Imperial rule to Averland.

Novellas and short stories


Published August 2011
Paperback | Ebook

Lord Rathien of Caledor seeks to awaken the dragons from their long sleep and use their strength to ensure his ascent to the Phoenix Throne. Meanwhile, Prince Valaris of Ellyrion, aided by a powerful but naïve mage, wants to harness the power of the storm of magic to defeat his rival and achieve his goal. As their forces clash, greater powers manipulate events to their own purposes…

The Judgement of Crows
Published February 2010
Ebook | Anthology paperback | Anthology ebook

This short story features Katerina Lautermann, who first appeared in Masters of Magic. It was written for the Death and Dishonour collection of stories set in the Old World. Lautermann journeys into the wilds of Herrendorf to battle a blight of undead. It’s available both as a standalone download, or as part of the Death and Dishonour anthology.

Published July 2007

My very first published Warhammer short story, which came about as an entry into an open competition run by Black Library back in 2007. ‘Premonition’ concerns a party of High Elves a long way from home who discover some very strange creatures lurking in the woods of the Old World. The story is available as part of the Invasion! anthology.


Older novels


Dark Storm Gathering
Published March 2009
Paperback | Ebook

The grim march of Tchar’zanek is underway. Across the Empire of Man, the toll from plague and mutation continues to grow, and hope begins to fade. Only the intervention of the high elves offers respite, but they are beset by foes of their own, the murderous dark elves. When the prospect of treachery behind Imperial lines looms, four heroes must work together to uncover the corruption.

Masters of Magic
Published January 2008

Under constant pressure form its enemies, the human Empire maintains mighty armies to protect itself. Crucial among these troops are the Imperial battle wizards, trained to rain fiery death upon their foes, or summon the fury of the heavens. When Grey Wizard Lothar and his colleagues ride to war against a massive orc invasion, can the wizards control their rivalry long enough to defeat the enemy?