It’s June for BL Live

I’ve been thinking a bit about this blog, and whether to keep it on or not. Like most authors I know, finding time to post has become more and more of a challenge – when there’s time in the day, it’s usually the right decision to, well, write some books.

In the end, I decided to keep it, freshen it up a bit, and change its purpose a little. I’ll be working my way through the book pages over the next week or so, trying to ensure that the various titles and series I’ve contributed to are listed, with a link to the BL site for anyone wanting to check them out. I’ve written so much now, and some series (looking at you, Horus Heresy) are now so sprawling, that a guide to my little corner of it seems worth having, for anyone interested. The Horus Heresy page is mostly done now, which among other things gives a handy reading-order guide to the White Scars books.

Otherwise, I’ll post here when I can, mostly to give a heads-up when new releases are on the way. That’s less interesting than real blogging, but hopefully any readers who like following, say, the Watchers of the Throne stories will appreciate some information on what’s coming out when. I won’t be opening comments up, since it takes so much time to keep on top of them, but I’m still on Twitter for anyone who wants to make contact direct.

So, what’s been going on? Well, my next release, scheduled for June, is The Hollow Mountain, the second book in my Vaults of Terra series. This takes us back to the Throneworld in the company of Crowl and Spinoza, following up from where we left them in The Carrion Throne. I’ll be at BL Live in June, where I’m told copies of the book will be ready to take away. I’m currently neck-deep in writing the sequel to The Emperor’s Legion, which I hope will be out either later this year or early next.

Anything else? Well, yes. I’ve got something coming out in October that I’m very excited about, though I can’t say anything about it yet. There’s plenty of awesome things on the horizon afterwards, including returning to some old friends after a very long time away, and also journeys into entirely new territory. And that’s before we even mention the Siege of Terra, which some of you may have noticed is finally kicking off...