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From Medusa to Nottingham. And back.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I managed to get a fair bit of writing done after getting back from Adepticon, but last week saw me heading up to Nottingham for a top-secret meeting of Heresy-types, followed by a series of meetings and other stuff in the murky bowels of HQ. I’d love to blog about what was discussed, but that would sadly bring my short career with BL to an untimely end. It was exciting, though. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe, etc. etc.

Aside from that it was nice to spend a couple of hours at the Warhammer Doubles tournament on Saturday, where we had copies of Wrath of Iron on sale for the first time in the UK – thanks to all who came up to buy a copy, get a signature, or just say hi. The book is only just up for preorder, but that hasn’t stopped the reviewers from getting hold of copies. Take a look here to see what the Independent Characters made of it, and here for the review on the Founding Fields. There’s also a great review from the Lost on Fenris blog, a site which is new to me. I’ve updated the 40K page with some of these reviews.

Look – it has pretty maps!

All reviewers mentioned how dark this one is. I guess that’s likely to be one of the key responses, both from those that like the book and those that don’t. The bleak tone was deliberate, made in order to be true to the Iron Hands’ background (as I see it). Hopefully those that enjoy their grimdark will appreciate the story, and, as ever, I’ll be very interested to hear what Iron Hands players/readers make of their favourite faction’s depiction. There’s a short blog entry over on the BL site with some more thoughts on this. And of course there’s also Flesh available, which gives a pretty clear flavour of how the Sons of Manus get depicted.

What else is new? I’m keeping busy with a few concurrent projects right now. One of them is an audio drama for the Horus Heresy line, another is a brand new 40K novel, and the third is a limited edition novella. Once Nick Kyme has recovered from his recent jaw implosion (get well soon, Nick!) I’m sure I’ll also be turning my thoughts to the War of Vengeance series too. So, plenty to keep me occupied. In the meantime, it’s been nice to see my short story Kraken get some attention: the super-busy Independent Characters have posted their review here.

  1. 20 May, 2012 at 15:02

    Wrath of Iron has already been on sale in the UK- I got my copy from the Black Library Stand at Salute!

    • chriswraight
      20 May, 2012 at 15:48

      Ah yes, I think they were at Salute before the Doubles Tournament.

      • 21 May, 2012 at 17:33

        Thank you very much for the mention and the lovely comment by the way.

  2. Lord of the Night
    21 May, 2012 at 10:42

    Thanks for the mention Chris, Wrath of Iron was great and plenty grimdark, you really didn’t pull any punches with the Iron Hands and the Shardenites.


  3. cvtuttle
    22 May, 2012 at 16:38

    As I was reading the book, I kept thinking “Man these Iron Hands are right bastards!” It makes them hard to root for until they actually get into “combat mode” where you see that yes, they are indeed Space Marines. They just aren’t nice about it at all.

    I think this gets to the point of the story though. You have a hard time relating to these Space Marines because, well, they just don’t have much humanity to relate to anymore, do they?

    I think the Iron Hands were portrayed really well here. It’s a great read!

  4. steven
    14 June, 2012 at 14:46

    Just finished Wrath of Iron…well crafted, great characters, visceral combat, and unrelenting grim dark, just as the Iron Hands should be.

    • chriswraight
      14 June, 2012 at 15:00

      Thanks, Steven – glad you liked it. 🙂

  5. RoguePom
    29 June, 2012 at 09:16

    Great read so far mate. I’ve particularly enjoyed your take on Titan legions and their interactions – really built well from Dan’s Titannicus. Same effort on your Battle of the Fang come to think on it – really built on the ground work Dan put down on the new take on Space Wolves – its almost like you’ve compared notes or something – ha.

    Either way, terrific stuff mate – definately one of the BL authors to watch out for on the stands, even if you are lacking in the maniacal pet department.

    • chriswraight
      29 June, 2012 at 10:17

      Thanks for the kind comments, RoguePom. Glad you liked the Titans. Titanicus is a fantastic book – definitely an inspiration. Enjoy the rest!

  6. Liliedhe
    27 August, 2013 at 19:01

    I’ve recently finished Wrath of Iron. While the beginnign was a bit slow (I heartily disliked Khadi and Marivo, sorry) I did enjoy the book. Your portrait of the Iron Hands is very compelling. I especially liked Telach *hug* and Rauth. I do have a few questions, though.

    – What exactly caused Magos Ys’s 180° turn? First, she was all eager to give Rauth a piece of her mind, wrapped in scrapcode, and then she decides to aid him? Was it because she found out Lopi had been stupid and that was why the Warhounds were destroyed?

    – Did the Iron Father die? It wasn’t exactly clear. He was damaged badly, but Space Marines are tough.

    – I can’t help but feel that Magos Ys’s interpretation of the Iron Hands isn’t really correct. Body Dysmorphic Disorder sounds compelling, but going by the thought processes of Morvox and Rauth, it seemed more like their wish to get rid of their human bodies is tied to an attempt to get rid of their human emotions, their capacity to feel pain or fear, and attachment (not very successfully, all in all). And I wonder if that desire isn’t tied more to life on Medusa and psychological trauma? And their augmentics are an attempt to deliberately induce PTSD to numb themselves.

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