All change

That’s two Ds in Abaddon, Miss Jones

Writing isn’t the business it used to be. Time was that an author had a relationship with his or her editor and agent, and that was it. In the internet age, that’s all been swept away: reviews pop up almost instantly, and discussions of books that were once private are now conducted in chatrooms and forums. With the advent of the ebook, material can be published in multiple formats at the same time, allowing readers to download individual stories that would once have only been available in limited print-run anthologies.

The changing landscape has both pros and cons. It certainly makes for a much more immediate relationship between writer and reader, which can often be a good thing. On the other hand, the ubiquitous presence of commentary is occasionally claustrophobic – from an author’s point of view, being aware of every bad or indifferent review floating around in cyberspace can be demoralising experience. Part of me certainly hankers after elegant weapons for a more civilised age, where writers could work in isolation for most of the time, their ascetic concentration broken only by biannual royalty cheques landing on the doormat.

But there’s no turning the clock back: technology is there to be engaged with. So, in a belated attempt to catch up with last year’s news, I’ve made some changes around here.

The first is a slight reorganisation of the blog pages. With the plethora of digital releases, it can be quite hard keeping up with what stories are available in which formats. To try to make some sense of this, I’ve trawled through my back catalogue and listed every book or short story I’ve written either in the Warhammer Fantasy or Warhammer 40K pages (see the tabs in the bar above for links to these pages). I’ve added links to each different version of each title, allowing you to find (say) the Audio recording of ‘Rebirth’ or the ebook anthology containing ‘Flesh’. I’ll try to keep this updated as new things come out, with the usual proviso that I’m rubbish at updating the blog, etc.

Second, I’ve finally bowed to the inevitable and joined Twitter. I’ll try to remember to use this more than once every year or so, and to say things that people might conceivably find interesting. There’s a widget on the sidebar of the blog that list my latest pearls of wisdom; if you think you’d like to read more of them, then please do follow me.

Finally, a quick reminder about Adepticon later this month. I’ll be in Chicago with my illustrious colleague Aaron Dembski-Bowden and new BL author Andy Smillie. I’ll look nowhere near as cool and assured as them, so do come over if you’d like to say nice things about Battle of the Fang, or similar. I may even have new books to sign (though no promises).