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End of the road… again

Must. Reach. Deadline.

Well, that’s a long time without a blog post. The main culprit is exhaustion – I’ve just (finally) handed in the first draft of Luthor Huss to my editor, and the world is looking a bit more normal again.

Finishing a book can often be tricky, and this one certainly was. I’m now waiting for the first round of feedback, after which the process of rewriting, honing, deleting, switching-round, renaming, reverting, expanding, contracting and generally fettling will begin in earnest. I literally have no idea how much of this there will be to do on the manuscript; after several months living with the taciturn Huss and his band of zealots, I’ve lost any sense of objectivity about the story (as usually happens). It’s at this phase of the process when, as a writer, you’re most dependent on your editor to point out what works and what doesn’t. My fingers, now they’re no longer typing, are firmly crossed.

In the meantime, some other stuff has happened. Dragonmage has been released, and has a very nice review over at Civilian Reader. I remember this one also being a bit difficult to write, so it’s nice to see people enjoying it. I’ve also signed off on a Space Wolf ebook-only story called Kraken, which should be appearing around March 2012, subject to the vicissitudes of The Schedule. Finally, there’s a nice review of Battle of the Fang over here, as well as a very detailed discussion by the Independent Characters at the end of episode 32 of their regular podcast (about 02.33.00 in). Thanks to all!

My next project is, of course, the Iron Hands. Wrath of Iron is another book in the Space Marine Battles series, this time featuring the Sons of Manus on the nightmare world of Shardenus. Unlike Fang, the established story behind this episode in the lore is fairly sparse, so I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how the battle will play out. It’s a real opportunity to do the Iron Hands justice, so I’ll have plenty to ponder over the next few months…

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  1. 24 August, 2011 at 20:39

    Thanks for listening Chris! We loved Battle of The Fang – and hearing that you are also writing Wrath of Iron has me equally excited. I have to say I have really enjoyed your writing style and hope to see more 40k Fiction from you!

  2. Spanish
    30 August, 2011 at 10:52

    Iron hands!!! yeeeaaaaahhhh!!! Thank you Chris i still this novel for many time. When you finish it; can you think about an iron hands novel in the horus heresy series? , what about tallarn battle?.

  3. bannus
    14 September, 2011 at 18:55

    I’m looking forward to the Iron Hands getting a little more attention. I loved the short story that (I believe) has inspired you to write a full novel.

    As always, feel free to bounce ideas around on the Bolter & Chainsword for any help/feedback. There are plenty of Iron Hands fans there to lend a hand (ouch! the pun!).

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