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Going conventional

15 February, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

2011 has been the busiest year for events that I’ve had since embarking on this writing-as-a-career malarky. I was up in Nottingham in January, went down to Camber Sands a couple of weeks ago for the SFX Weekender, and have BL Live coming up in the first weekend in March.

All lots of fun. SFX Weekender was particularly eye-opening, being my first SF Convention experience. Prior to that, all I had to go on was the Comic-Con episode in Entourage, which was memorable for all sorts of reasons. Yes, there were guys dressed up as Stormtroopers, and, yes, George Takei was there, and, no, there were no blonde policewomen in trenchcoats.

So this is... Pontins

The star of the show was probably the Pontins resort itself, which was another first for me, and finally made sense of all those Hi-de-Hi shows I watched as a kid (sort of). The other highlights were the chance to go on a discussion panel and try to sound like I knew what I was talking about, nearly disemboweling BL’s Andy Smillie with an overenthusiastic air hockey manoeuvre, and watching Nick Kyme deal extremely elegantly with a rather, er, blunt question about Firedrake.

Somewhere in amongst all that, I’ve actually done some writing. Current project is still under wraps, sadly, but hopefully I’ll be able to spill the beans soon. In the meantime, it was good to read this very nice review of Sword of Vengeance over at Graham’s Fantasy Book Review. If you’ve read any of the comments under previous posts, you’ll know there are some code-based games in the plot which are solvable by the reader. Once a bit more time has passed, I’ll be writing about the background to that, and adding some more details on how to solve the extract on p207…

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