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Back at the desk

19 December, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s been a little quiet around here recently, so apologies to those whose comments have been met with an echoing silence – I’ve been away for two weeks enjoying a complete break from writing and editing. I didn’t even have access to email during that period, which has been both liberating and slightly odd.

I’ll be back to more regular posting and (hopefully) writing in the New Year, but until then, there are a couple of cool things going on that deserve mention. First off, fellow BL author Gav Thorpe has been nominated for a Gemmell Award. Regular readers will remember that the mighty Graham McNeill won the prize in 2010 for his novel Empire, which was a great result for Warhammer fiction. Gav’s tale is part of the epic Sundering trilogy, and tells the tale of Alith Anar, the Shadow King of the title. Aside from being an excellent author, Gav is a thoroughly nice guy and great to chat to about all things Warhammer.

Gav is joined by the multitalented Darius Hinks, who’s lined up for the Morningstar award for best Fantasy newcomer with his Warrior Priest, and the brilliant Jon Sullivan, whose cover for Shadow King is up for a Ravenheart award. I’m sure that BL will start to mobilise the troops soon, but if you’ve read and liked the books/art, head over to the award site and vote now!

There have also been some nice Fang-related things recently. BL blogged a while back about the maps used in the story, and there are some pics of the maps here (there aren’t really any spoilers given away here, but if you’d rather not know anything about the various combat locations, you might not want to click to the full-size versions). I did a few versions of these while I was drafting the synopsis, as I wanted the Fang’s layout to drive the action sequences. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the final versions some time next year.

In the meantime, MaveriK over at the Bolter & Chainsword asked me a while ago if I’d take part in a Q&A on Battle of the Fang, and I’ve now had the chance put up some responses to the questions that came in. If you’d like to browse through the thread and have a read, take a look here.

Finally, there’s been a review of Sword of Vengeance! This took me totally by surprise, as it’s not out until next year and I wasn’t expecting to have to go through the nerve-wracking process of reading feedback until January at the earliest. Somehow, though, the prolific reviewer at Of Books and Wargames has got hold of a copy, and his review is here. I should perhaps note that the book forms part of a duology, and I wouldn’t recommend taking it on, as this reviewer did, without reading the first part, Sword of Justice. That said, it was nice to see that the story made sense in the absence of Part I, which was something I had in mind when writing it.

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