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Well, it’s the morning after Games Day, and I reckon I’d better post while things are relatively fresh in my memory. It was only my second GD, so I’m still newbie enough to get excited about it. If I’d been less of a newbie, I might have remembered to take some photos. But I am, so I didn’t.

The more I reflect on the day, the more I’m convinced that such events are pretty much essential for an author’s sanity. Most of the time, writing is more or less an isolated existence, with only the uncertain medium of the internet to give you an idea how your stuff’s being received. While this can be helpful – getting a good review is still a buzz – it’s no substitute for readers coming to chat, in person, about the books they’ve enjoyed and why. And it was also great to have some time with the other authors, artists and the BL publishing team on the Saturday night. As I’ve noted here before, for a bunch of people who spend their time writing, editing or selling books mostly concerned with large-scale violence and mayhem, everyone’s really very nice.

Anyway, the day was spectacularly well managed from my point of view. Thanks to Alex for deftly sorting out the hotel bookings and transport, to Mal and Caroline and everyone else who masterminded the organisation of the day, and to Vince who looked after our fragile artistic egos during the signing. I’m sure that leaves out many people at BL who worked very hard, but all efforts were much appreciated.

With no brand-new releases on show this time, the actual signing portion of the day was pretty quiet for me this year, but that did give plenty of time to have a chat with those hardy souls who’d bought Sword of Justice or Iron Company. Thanks to everyone who came by to get a sig, or to comment on a book they’d read, or just to say hi. One guy said that Sword of Justice had actually rekindled his interest in Fantasy again, while plenty of people who enjoyed the book expressed a burning desire to find out what’ll happen in Part II. That was all very cool, and made those long nights hunched over the keyboard seem worthwhile.

I remain hugely impressed by – and slightly scared of – everyone who made the effort to dress up (particularly the Titan menials, who were all superb). And it was also good to put some faces to internet names, and to get re-acquainted with some readers I remembered from GD09. My sieve-like memory will no doubt let me down in the future, but I will try to remember names!

So, re-enthused and re-energised, it’s time to get back to the actual writing. Fenris calls!