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Something for the weekend

BL have put up some more covers in their Coming Soon section, and it was nice to see this up there:

Yup, pretty happy with that. The Warhammer Heroes covers have all looked fantastic so far, and Helborg is looking just as I imagined him, back when I was writing the first draft of the book in the dark winter months. I’ve got the initial feedback from Lindsey Priestley now, so it’s on to the editing stage now. Thankfully, there’s only a few things to tweak, but I’ll take the opportunity to give it a thorough re-read and tighten up any loose ends. Then it’s off the copy-editors, the proof-readers, and – eventually – a PDF proof will emerge. Just when I’ve almost forgotten all about it, the final book will land on my doorstep, and I’ll read it again and then spot the typos…

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  1. Jack
    8 May, 2010 at 20:54

    Dude, that’s AWESOME. Helborg’s a great character – so come on, tease us: What are you doing with him?

    • chriswraight
      9 May, 2010 at 15:10

      Hey Jack,

      Yes, it is awesome, isn’t it? Cheol Joo Lee is a fantastic artist, and I’ve already blogged about the great cover designs BL is churning out these days.

      As for Helborg, I’d love to tell you something good – but I’m not going to. 😮 I’m still putting the finishing touches to the second draft of the manuscript, and I’ve been working hard on getting his character down. One issue is that he has a supporting role in the forthcoming Sword of Justice, and I really don’t want to give away any spoilers in the month before it starts to appear. In my mind, though, he’s the opposite of Schwarzhelm. The Emperor’s Champion is grim, taciturn, solid and unmoveable. The Reiksmarshal is flamboyant, daring, flash and given to rushes of the blood. The contrast between the two men, who between them are the mightiest warriors in the Empire armies, has made the two books a blast to write.

      • Jack
        10 May, 2010 at 17:47

        Ah well. Looking forward to Sword of Justice – and Sword of Vengeance now too. Been collecting Empire for fifteen years or more and Kurt and Ludwig are, as you saw, two of the Empire’s finest. I’m intrigued by the idea of Kurt as ‘flamboyant, daring, flash and given to rushes of the blood.’ I’d always had both him and Ludwig in my head as grim, taciturn types – and both massively menacing. If you can answer without giving away any plot-type-stuff, what’s behind the flamboyance etc? It’s a really interesting approach (and that’s interesting-good, rather than iiiinterestiiiing-hmmm…, if you see what I mean).

  2. chriswraight
    10 May, 2010 at 19:33

    Looking at the Empire Army Book, Schwarzhelm’s character is fairly clearly sketched – he’s unsmiling and laconic, a massive, stolid bastion of human granite. When the opportunity arose to do two books, I thought hard about how Helborg might provide a contrast with this, since his character (it seems to me) is less explicitly spelled out in other published sources. I took a good look at the artwork and various scraps of background material, and came up with a much more debonair figure. He’s got a flamboyant moustache and wears an ostentatious hawk-winged helmet, and glories in cavalry charges that shatter enemy formations with terrifying speed. As you say, he is massively menacing, but in a swaggering, exuberant way. Schwarzhelm, by contrast, is a brooding, introverted man-mountain who never gives an inch or takes a backward step.

    That’s been my take on it, anyway. 🙂 When the books come out, I’d be hugely interested in the opinions of people, like you, who’ve been collecting Empire for 15 years – I’ve really tried to create characters that respect the background lore and flesh out the missing areas. If you want a short taster, then try to get hold of the BL Live chapbook 2010, which has a (very) brief story with Schwarzhelm in charge.

  3. Jack
    17 May, 2010 at 13:01

    Then I shall happily give my two-penneth once I’ve read ’em.
    Had a go at getting hold of the BL Live chapbook.

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