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Cover goodness

So I never did find the time to get some photos of the new Warhammer Heroes cover styles. Thankfully, Games Workshop did. In case you missed them, here’s what they look like.

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  1. 5 May, 2010 at 02:58

    It looks good. Very good. This collection is promising. I hope we will see great character developement with it.

    Do you have to write this introduction texte as well?

  2. chriswraight
    5 May, 2010 at 07:44

    Do you mean the text on the inside cover? That is taken from stuff I wrote for the novel pitch – the document that ‘sells’ the book to the editorial team.

    I’m very excited about the Warhammer Heroes series too. I’m hoping people will enjoy what we’ve done with the characters – time will tell!

  3. 5 May, 2010 at 18:53

    «Do you mean the text on the inside cover?»

    Yes. I was curious to see if this part was handle by the author as well or by a staff member at Black Library editor. Thanks for your answer.

  4. 11 June, 2011 at 21:46

    That’s my fingers in the photo Chris!

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