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Well, weeks have passed and I haven’t done much blogging. That is, I’m sad to say, more due to having nothing much to say/announce at the moment rather than any lack of enthusiasm. I’d *really* like to talk about my next BL project, but until it’s signed off, I’m not going to. My proposals are still going through the editorial mill, and it’s always struck me as dangerously tempting fate to say anything about anything until they send me the form with the word ‘Commission’ on the bottom. So I’ve been busy – very busy – reading and planning and researching, all of which will hopefully emerge into a book in due course.

Gripping stuff, eh? What? Oh.

Anyway, there’s a great post from the fantastic Pyroriffic over at the Bolthole – she’s had her first story accepted by BL – many congratulations! 🙂 I hope it leads to many more. Also, it looks like the last of the chapbooks from BL Live have sold out, which is kind of a shame as I quite liked the Schwarzhelm short story in there. And it seems like ages before Sword of Justice is out, which is doing my fingernails no good.

I’m sure I’ll whitter on about the motivations and plans behind that title nearer the time. I certainly tried to do something a little different with it. Among many other themes (the big man’s relationship with Helborg and the Emperor, the politics of Elector-less Averland, and so on), I wanted to explore what would happen if you put a man who’s only really good on the battlefield into a situation where none of those skills would help him. That’s basically the predicament Schwarzhelm finds himself in. It was a tricky line to walk, and I’m hoping fans of the character will appreciate the treatment I’ve given him. I certainly didn’t want to tell a totally straight tale of the Emperor’s Champion hacking and slashing his way through ranks of nondescript baddies. The poor guy certainly has a hard time in the book, mentally and physically, but that’s no more or less than it should be in the bleak world of the Empire.

I might talk about the post-Marius politics in Averheim too, at some point. For a dead guy, the old Elector certainly seems to have his fans. I guess I’m one of them. Anyone who persecutes halflings can’t be all bad.

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