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Looking back

24 February, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

There’s a nice review of Iron Company here. The reviewer makes something of a contrast between my entry into the Empire Army series and Richard Williams’ Reiksguard, which I thoroughly enjoyed and was a brilliant inspiration when I was writing. However, they’re very different books, so it’s not surprising they each appeal to different kinds of reader.

It’s an unusual experience, reading reviews about a book I finished writing over a year ago. With the benefit of hindsight, all sorts of things occur to me now that didn’t at the time. Now that the dust has settled, there are a few things I’d have done differently. If I could go back and rewrite, I’d have made more of Rathmor, and done it earlier in the narrative. I’d have made some changes to the structure too, and there are a couple of aspects of the ending I don’t like at all. I’d like to think the book gets the Warhammer background broadly right, but there are aspects of musketry and artillery warfare that could have been tighter.

Still, I’m glad so many people seem to have warmed to it. I’ve *finally* started to flesh out the Books section of this website, and it’s been good to be able to add some cool reviews. Sadly, there are no engineers in the novel I’m currently working on – Sword of Vengeance – but there’s plenty of other good stuff. After what seems like forever, this is finally drawing to a close (have I said that before?) – now all it needs is a cover as terrifyingly good as this one.

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  1. 24 February, 2010 at 16:36

    I find that even with short stories I have the screaming urge after I’ve finished it to completely re-write it. It’s most frustrating. You have my sympathy.

    That’s enough sympathy.

  2. Tookey
    3 March, 2010 at 13:35

    Hi Chris,

    I enjoyed Reiksguard, it was character heavy, but they all had their place, even the know it all uncle. I just finished Call to Arms and so far its 3-0 to the good, so well done all round.

    I don’t normally write but have found myself writing a journal/story of the games me and friend are playing. So far I have re-written the intro twice fully and made many other changes here and there. So I can only imagine what it must be like to write a whole book, and the then throw it out there for (hopefully lots) of people to read. But as the saying goes hindsight is always 20/20.

    Just read Feast of Horror, I have to say it done its job and am now looking forward to Sword of Justice this July.



    • chriswraight
      3 March, 2010 at 14:16

      Hey Mark,

      Yeah, Reiksguard was excellent. I particularly enjoyed Richard’s well-researched background on the Imperial knights – both in terms of Warhammer and the real-world.

      Glad you liked Feast of Horrors, and I too am looking forward to getting Sword of Justice out there. July’s still a way off – seems like ages since I finished it!


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