Toby Young into 40K?

You read it here first. Toby Young, the author of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (made into a film in 2008 starring Simon Pegg) is a closet 40K fan. Take a look at this article. It’s entitled Americans in flyover states are Ork-like creatures with low foreheads and torsos pumped full of custard. Offensive? Almost certainly. True? Couldn’t possibly say. The point is he spells Ork with a K. It’s possible there are other kinds of Orks out there, but I’m not aware of them. So either he or his sub-editor’s been reading Rynn’s World, and that is, of course, highly reassuring. One of the reader comments on the article is great:

What is an “ORK”? I Googled ORK and found:
“savage and violent Orks and the cruel and fickle hand of the Gods that watch over them” – which certainly does apply to some Americans – e.g. Bush Snr & Jnr; Reagan, and their cohorts..
However, I wonder if you really mean ORC.

No, he meant exactly what he said.

In other news, the euphoria from BL Live has all but died down, and I’m back to actually writing. Which is great. I had a chat with Nick Kyme on Friday about future projects, which has literally kept me awake at night with excitement. However, all of that depends on me actually getting my current stuff in on time (or, to be more accurate, late), so I’m going to try and ignore it for a week or so.