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26 January, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I see from the BL Facebook site that Death and Dishonour is out now (or imminently). Seems like a while since I wrote my contribution to that anthology, a tale of Katerina Lautermann, the Amethyst wizard who first emerged in Masters of Magic. Like many of the BL anthologies, this is a mix of stories from established authors like Nathan Long and C. L. Werner, as well as talent for the future. Haven’t had a chance to read it myself yet, but it’s sitting on my bookshelf, waiting for the next window of opportunity. In the meantime, nice cover:

Writing-wise, it’s been all short stories for a few days. I’m hoping the chapbook for BL Live goes down well, as it’s the first glimpse of Ludwig Schwarzhelm before his full-length outing in Sword of Justice. Otherwise, I’m trying my hand at something new right now, 10,000 words of it, before getting back to the final half of Sword of Vengeance. Not sure how much I’m allowed to say about that, but if you come along to BL Live and say hi, I might have been given the all-clear by then…

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  1. 26 January, 2010 at 16:48

    At 10,000 words, I could hazard a pretty good guess what it’ll be.

    D & D is a very pretty cover indeed.

    You’ll be pleased/disturbed/anxious to know that I will be at BL Live too, so I can harass you some more. Or buy you beer. Or, you know.



  2. chriswraight
    26 January, 2010 at 19:14

    Cool – sounds like a plan. Will be good to catch up, and I definitely want to hear how the writing/proof-reading’s going.

  3. 27 January, 2010 at 07:23

    Excellent. Because there’s quite a bit to tell you about. 😉

    • chriswraight
      29 January, 2010 at 09:08

      Now I’m intrigued…

      • 29 January, 2010 at 16:44

        Well, go register at the Bolthole, then I can drop you a PM… 😉

  4. Xhalax
    27 January, 2010 at 13:06

    I wish I had a bad-ass griffon like that one….live would be much more amusing.

    • chriswraight
      29 January, 2010 at 09:12

      Y’know, that’s just given me a *very* interesting thought.
      *heads off to laptop…*

      • Xhalax
        29 January, 2010 at 15:58

        I mean that more in a “I’m just going to pop down the shops for a pint of milk” and “Get out of my way.” sort of way more than anything else…..especially for getting milk.

  5. 29 January, 2010 at 05:09

    I just finished reading the short novel “The judgement of crows” you wrote for “Death & Dishonour”. I enjoyed it very much. I particularly appreciated the atmosphere through out the whole story. The main character was, also, very interesting and pleasant to follow.

    I think the introduction was very strong, because it was always placing the character (and the reader with him) constantly between two contradictory emotional states: hope and despair. It was also mysterious.
    – « He risked a backward glance. Nothing. But that didn’t mean they weren’t there.»
    – « For the first time, he began to believe he might get back, that everything might be all right.
    o Then they caught him.»

    The description of the grim and harsh condition of the folks and their village, Herrendorf, was excellent. I also enjoy very much the interplay and reactions between the folks and the Wizard. The social and psychological gap between them was very well portrait and it reinforced the grim atmosphere of the whole situation.

    It was refreshing to see a Sigmar pastor not portrait as a warrior-priest. The same thing can be applied to the main character. It was fun to be able to follow a wizard that wasn’t a Bright Wizard. I found interesting, also, to have a story build around such character in the Warhammer setting. Usually, wizards are used as secondary character. Furthermore, most Warhammer novels will feature Sigmar priests or warriors, while the background contains many more figures. Also, the Amethyst Wizard background and symbolic was used very well to build and support the story. It was more than just a gimmick, since it adds up to all the other descriptive layers to reinforce the sinister atmosphere of the tale.

    Finally, I found the story consistent and true-hearted to the Warhammer Fantasy setting, which I appreciate, because I want to be drowned into it, so to speak.

    I have your novel “Masters of magics” in my bookcase, but I haven’t got time to read it yet. I expect to read it, which I will do sooner or later. Meanwhile, thanks for the nice trip in Herrendorf with frau Lautermann. = )

    • chriswraight
      29 January, 2010 at 09:25

      Hey Entomophobie,

      Thanks for this great review. I’m glad you liked it, and also that you felt the Warhammer mythos was captured. Your comments are much appreciated.

      An interesting aspect of this story was using characters and ideas from my earliest attempts at writing for Warhammer. By the time I wrote JoC, I’d written three novels for BL, and felt much more confident at handling the rich Warhammer background. By contrast, in MoM everything was very new. I haven’t gone back and read it myself, but my guess is that it probably has some rough edges, so bear that in mind if you do take it up.

      One of the great things about being a (relatively) new author is the learning curve, settling on a voice and carving out a niche within the voluminous annals of the background. It’s an ongoing process, so getting encouraging comments like yours certainly means a lot. Cheers!

      P.S. Did you get D&D on pre-order? I didn’t think it was out yet…

      • 29 January, 2010 at 18:39

        In Montréal (Canada), D&D was set for jan 26th. I bought it on the 27th, on the store’s floor, so I didn’t order it through internet. The bookstore, Indigo, had a good amount of them (15).

        Thanks for your reply. I’m glad you liked my comment. Cheers! : )

  6. chriswraight
    30 January, 2010 at 11:51

    pyroriffic :

    Well, go register at the Bolthole, then I can drop you a PM… ;)

    Yes, I really should get around to doing that – I drop in for a read quite a lot. I’ve been hoping the BL forums pop back up, but only because I’ve lost track of how many forums I’ve *already* signed up for, and keeping track of them is a minor headache.

    • Pyroriffic
      30 January, 2010 at 12:48

      Please do. You’d be very welcome.

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