Beyond Good and Evil

Well, that last post prompted some well thought out responses. I read them with interest. The marvellous Pyroriffic also triggered a parallel discussion here. Head over there if such metaphysical musings float your boat.

I’m interested in people with very relativist positions about morality (i.e., it’s all just a matter of your point of view, etc.). Not sure I buy that. In the real world, there just are some things that are good or bad. Pork pies are good. Mobile phones in cinemas are bad. Texting incessantly in cinemas while the film is playing is very bad. No debate there.

Anyway, back to Warhammer. One of the complications, with regard to morality, is the presence of radically different races. Humans in the warhammer world embody all the traits we’re familiar with. They can be noble, corrupt, lazy, heroic, and everything else (or all of them at the same time). But Dark Elves have an entirely different moral code. It’s built into their nasty, cold-blooded hearts. Even dwarfs, the closest non-humans, have a very different racial view of the world to ‘us’. So what standards should they be judged by? Their own? Humans’? Or is there some objective yardstick we can use?

Best answers win a prize!*

* And the prize is: no more annoying posts about morality in this blog.