Games Day UK 09

So, that was Games Day! My first appearance at the huge GW/BL bash was certainly something I’ll remember. The scale of the event is massive – three halls of the NEC, all taken up with Warhammer goodness. For me, it was also my first signing gig, and there were plenty of copies of Iron Company up for grabs.

Thanks to all who came to say hi. Being stuck between the gigantic queues for Sandy Mitchell and Gav Thorpe was visually quite odd – I kept hoping some Masters of Magic fans would find their way to my spot through the hordes. Thankfully, there was a steady stream of interest in my new title, and it was great to have the chance to chat some folks I only knew of via the internet. Special thanks to Narry for making the time to chat about all things writerly, Xhalax for elegantly overlooking my terrible spelling of her name, and Pyroriffic for heroically coming to say hello during a  tumbleweed period on the desk. It was cool to meet you all, and I hope it’s the first time of many.

So, now there are copies of Iron Company out in the wild, I’m hoping it goes down well. Letting a book go feels like how I imagine parents do when their beloved progeny start their first day at school: you’re pleased to see them stand on their own two feet, but you don’t want the big kids to give them a hard time. Time will tell..

Anyway, now I’m back in Bath I’d better get down to finishing off my next project. As for what that is exactly, I might keep that to myself for a while (at least until Herr Kyme has scoured it and given his dread verdict). For any Warhammer lore buffs, the title should at least give a clue. Anyone who saw the fantastic posters around the BL stand at GD will also be in little doubt who the main character is.